Cory Gardner

Cory Gardner
Common Sense Conservative

Cory Gardner knows how blessed we are to live in a place like Colorado, a state that has cultivated innovation, creativity and new opportunity for generations.  He is a Coloradan through and through and fights each and every day to make Colorado thrive, a state that Cory’s family has called home for five generations.

Cory’s love for Colorado took him to Colorado State University where he graduated Summa Cum Laude and later to Boulder, where he earned his law degree at the University of Colorado. Cory and his wife Jaime live in Yuma, where they are raising a 6th generation of Coloradans: their children Alyson, Thatcher, and Caitlyn.

Cory’s family lives in the same house his great-grandparents lived in, in the same tight-knit community where Cory learned the values of accountability, responsibility, and the pride in a hard day’s work. Yuma is also home to Farmers Implement Company, a farm equipment business that has been in the Gardner family for over 100 years, and where Cory learned to run a business and to fight for our farmers and ranchers.

He’s a different kind of lawmaker in today’s hyper-partisan environment – instead of looking at the party letter next to somebody’s name, Cory looks for opportunities to improve the quality of life for Coloradans. He is ranked the 3rd most bipartisan Senator, and has a proven record of working across the aisle and delivering results for Colorado. Cory is the most effective federal representative in Colorado, with more bills signed into law than the rest of the entire Colorado congressional delegation combined.

As the chief architect of relocating the Bureau of Land Management to Colorado, Cory brought federal decision-makers closer to our public lands, because he believes government operates best when its closest to the people it serves. He’s secured funding to help rebuild our crumbling roads and bridges, allowing families to spend more time together instead of stuck in traffic. And Coloradans across the state now have more money in their pockets thanks to Cory’s work on opportunity zones and tax cuts that have helped grow wages and Colorado’s economy.

Cory serves on the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, where he is a champion for Colorado’s public lands. In 2018, he led passage of the largest public lands package in more than a decade and secured permanent authorization of the Land and Water Conservation Fund, the crown jewel of conservation programs for preserving Colorado’s great outdoors.

As a member of the Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee, Cory worked with members of both major parties to secure more than $300 million dollars for transportation and infrastructure projects in Colorado. And he helped save a Colorado company that is the backbone of our space program.

He is a champion for scientific research and the groundbreaking, world-changing work done at Colorado research institutions. Cory played a major role in securing the funding to finish the Aurora VA Hospital, and believes anyone who has worn the uniform for the United States deserves the best quality of care our country can provide.

Cory believes in Colorado and thinks America’s best days lie ahead.